Pacific Green Superior Spear Quality in Warm Climates

01 October 2020

Bred in the temperate climate of New Zealand by Aspara Pacific Ltd, Pacific Green thrives in temperate and warm continental climates.

Pacific Green produces an all- green spear that keeps a tight head at 25cm (10 inches). Seed is free of Asparagus Virus 1, Asparagus Virus 2 and Tobacco Streak Virus. It is a clonal hybrid and the seeds are produced in a protected environment. Pacific Green is a high yielding hybrid and it produces exceptionally well in southern Europe and in temperate production regions. For maximum yields a planting density of 35,000 plants/ha is recommended. For green asparagus plant at 15-20cm deep.

It is suitable for all main green asparagus market types and it is very well suited for local fresh or export markets due to its excellent tip quality. 

We offer exclusive certified seeds. Crowns are offered by a range of nurseries and should be ordered a year in advance.

We offer technical advice to make the most of the hybrid.

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