Blackberry Varieties from the University of Arkansas

27 March 2020

The popularity of blackberries has increased significantly in recent years. This is mainly down to the fact that new varieties have improved flavour over standard types that were grown in the past.

The University of Arkansas has an impressive reputation when it comes to the breeding and production of improved blackberry varieties. At Global Plant Genetics, we are proud to work with the University to develop and commercialise a range of genetics from this breeding program. 

Currently, we are working with three varieties. These include the two floricane types; Natchez and Ouachita. In addition, we represent the primocane variety, Primeark-45. The combination of these three varieties means that blackberry growers can benefit from high quality blackberries throughout the whole cropping season. Natchez is an early season type with very high yields of large berries. Ouachita is characterised by its extremely sweet flavour with berries

that are produced in the mid-season. Primeark-45 is normally cropped later in the year where berries are borne on first year fruiting wood. In addition, this variety can be double-cropped, meaning that it also produces excellent berry crops in the late spring and early summer season.

Blackberry growers who are interested in plants of these varieties are suggested to contact one of our licensed nurseries. 

For more information on these and other berries within our portfolio, please contact us at Global Plant Genetics using

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