Von blackberry for flavour, yield and fruit quality

31 July 2020

Commercial and larger scale test plots of Von blackberry are expanding in a range of international growing regions. The variety is managed by Global Plant Genetics (GPG) in all worldwide territories outside of the USA and it was bred at North Carolina State University.

The earliest uptake for Von was close to its breeding origins but since then, the cultivar has been tested across a number of Continents. It is showing remarkable performance in terms of fruit quality and production levels. The current global marketplace for fresh blackberries is very much demanding an improved eating experience. With high levels of sweetness and low astringency, Von delivers a superb taste, and is considered to be one of the very best blackberry varieties now available in this aspect.

In addition to high yields of excellent quality fruit, Von has a number of other advantages in comparison to other commercially available blackberry cultivars. These include a remarkably high percentage of class 1 berries, rendering the amount of waste fruits as almost negligible. Its harvest season is considered to be one of the earliest for floricane blackberries in mid and high chill growing regions. Further, it has a prolonged harvest season due to late emerging fruiting laterals lower down on the plants.

Jamie Petchell, responsible for blackberries at GPG, stated, “having looked at blackberry production across the world and tasted a whole range of improved varieties, I am excited that Von is one of the very best now on the market. Exceptional flavour is not always something that goes hand in hand with excellent yields, but in this case, Von has both.”

Global Plant Genetics continues to be extremely excited by Von and its potential to deliver both an improved eating experience to the consumer and significant returns to the grower.

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