Titanium Licence Holders Europe

05 April 2020

Global Plant Genetics represent Oregon Blueberry Farm and Nursery, who has developed two new varieties and we are international Master Licence holders. The blueberry variety Titanium is one of the most exciting new releases to come to the Northern Highbush blueberry sector in recent years.

Titanium requires approximately 1000 hours chill units per year and having been bred in Oregon USA it has also demonstrated a great ability to withstand cold winter temperatures.The fruit is consistently 17-20 mm in size, light blue in colour with an excellent bloom.

The plants are erect and display their fruit very well for ease of harvesting. In terms of seasonality the Titanium blueberry is approximately 5-7 days later than Duke and slightly earlier than Draper. The berries are firmer than those of almost all its competitors, excellent in flavour with a slight crunch effect when eaten.

Titanium grows extremely well in substrate production being a semi erect and relatively compact plant. We have issued a number of licences for Titanium in Europe for the following nurseriesKusibab-WykaPlanasa, Plants365Schrijnwerkers and Vivai Molari and we have received excellent feedback. As the availability of plant material from the licenced propagators rapidly increases, we hope you are able to order early enough to plant Titanium in your blueberry plantation. From what we have seen Titanium certainly is a great breakthrough for those growers in the Fresh Market blueberry supply chain.

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