Titanium - Flavour, yield and taste for the 21st Century

07 October 2020

Is Titanium going to be a major international blueberry variety in the near future for high chill regions?

With yields reported in excess of 20 tonnes per hectare, you can see why we are getting great interest from our international contacts for licenses. Titanium grows extremely well in substrate production being a semi erect and relatively compact plant. Titanium certainly is a great breakthrough for those growers in the Fresh Market blueberry supply chain. It fills a great place in the market, fruiting approximately only one week later than Duke producing berries 17-20 mm in diameter. This variety has more vigour than its comparison, Draper. It is an ideal candidate for premium growing soils or container growing.

"It is an exciting time for Titanium. It has been spread far enough around the globe that growers are really getting a good look at it. Growers from the United States are constantly complimenting the fruit quality. With that said, Titanium has several unique attributes that sets it apart. My personal favourites are the exceptionally firm berries and long storage life of the fruit. In addition, the fruit is extremely consistent in size and flavour which makes it ideal for fresh market. Even the plant is well balanced for most growers who desire an extremely upright growing structure. This year, internationally, Titanium will have its first harvest. We are excited to watch the fruit enter the market." said Doug McCann - Oregon Blueberry Farms and Nursery.

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