Natchez and Ouachita blackberry varieties commercialised Ukraine

02 April 2020

The blackberry varieties Natсhez and Ouachita from the University of Arkansas soft-fruit breeding program will soon be registered in Ukraine.

As licence holder of these varieties in Europe, Global Plant Genetics, is planning to commercialise Natсhez and Ouachita in Ukraine in co-operation with the local company TOV Fruitech. 

The parties have agreed, that after registration is complete, Fruitech will be appointed in the territory of Ukraine, with the right to sub-license local propagators.

Fruitech is working on the establishment of high health stock of both Natсhez and Ouachita, so licensed Ukrainian plant nurseries will have access to Basic material. Already from next season, local fruit growers will be able to order certified planting stock to set up new blackberry plantations.

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