MegasBlue First-Class Blueberry Genetics

21 April 2020
MegasBlue was bred by Bob Gabriel owner of Oregon Blueberry Farms and Nursery USA. Bob is a major Blueberry producer of both fresh and process as well as having a first-class nursery known for its excellent plant quality.

In the early 2000’s Bob developed a blueberry breeding program which 20 years on is as exciting as any in the world. One of the first releases from this blueberry breeding program was the high chill blueberry variety named MegasBlue. 

MegasBlue has a vigorous plant habit requiring approximately 1000 chill units per year. The large fruits are light blue in colour and show no signs of red back at harvest. This variety works for both fresh production and machine harvest producing fruits with a good sugar/acid balance. 

MegasBlue will be a great addition to many farms where Northern Highbush blueberries are grown for fresh and processing. This high yielding variety is set to replace many traditional varieties where improvements in yield, flavour and size are important.

Licensed nurseries are multiplying MegasBlue in volume. As demand is high we recommend you order well in advance to ensure this variety is part of your future plantings.

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