Buoyant Seed Sales of the New Guelph Equinox Variety

20 February 2020

Guelph Equinox, the leading new green asparagus hybrid offered in Europe by Global Plant Genetics, is proving extremely popular with both growers and nurseries across the Continent. The first commercial asparagus seed quantities are now available, and demand has been very strong ever since the variety’s official launch in October 2019.

Jamie Petchell who leads the company’s efforts in asparagus commented, “we have been delighted with the response to Guelph Equinox. Seed sales and enquiries from a wide range of European countries have been excellent. A good number of nurseries will be drilling seeds this spring in order to produce crowns for 2021 planting in grower fields.”

The variety is well-renowned for its combination of extremely high yields and excellent spear quality. This means that it has the potential to reduce growers’ costs in an ever-tough marketplace.

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